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A01 Physical TeamA01-4 Team NISHIMORI

Theme- 4 西森班 Team NISHIMORI

Long-term observation of ant colonies with identification of all individuals and systematic analysis of organizational dynamics

Despite the lack of a specific leader, ants have been able to maintain high and stable productivity and prosperity for tens of millions of years through sophisticated and complex specialization and cooperation. In this study, we use the world’s smallest RFID tags/QR codes to identify all individual ants in a colony and automatically conduct long-term observations of their behavior. Thus, we aim to obtain the dynamics of labor distribution and restructuring in groups with high accuracy and form a new concept of organizational dynamics, not just for ants. In addition, by using comprehensive omics analysis such as next-generation sequencing, we will link the driving principles of behavior among different levels such as the internal state of individual ants, behavior of a small number of individuals, and organizational behavior of a large group, and will determine the fundamental mechanisms of flexible structure formation and maintenance produced by living groups.

We will collaborate extensively with the A02 Cyber Team to develop and improve measurement systems. We will also investigate the similarities and differences between the collective behaviors of various animals in collaboration with the A01 Physical Team.

Researchers A01-4 西森班 研究者

  • Principal Investigator Hiraku Nishimori Hiraku Nishimori

    Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University Professor

    Research field
    Dynamics of non-equilibrium systems, Mathematical modeling of various phenomena in nature and human society
    Research keywords
    Mathematical modeling, Social insects, Decision making, Statistical-mechanics, Complex Systems
  • Co-Investigator Masashi Shiraishi Masashi Shiraishi

    Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University Associate Professor

    Research field
    Study on Collective Behaviors of Living Matters based on Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Complex Systems
    Research keywords
    Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex System Physics, Numerical Simulation, Biological Collective Behaviors, Social Insects
  • Co-Investigator Akiko Koto Akiko Koto

    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Researcher

    Research field
    Behavioral ecology
    Research keywords
    Social behavior, division of labor
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