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A02 Cyber TeamA02-5 Team KAWASHIMA

Theme- 5 川嶋班 Team KAWASHIMA

Data-driven Swarm-Machine interaction

Organisms such as fish exhibit complex behaviors as a group by interacting with each other. Then, what type of structure in a swarm supports their characteristic behavior? In this study, we believe that not only passive observation but also active intervention in the group will lead to the elucidation and modeling of swarming mechanisms and social structures. Therefore, we will design a framework of feedback loop that tightly connects the measurement and intervention in the physical space to the modeling and selection of intervention strategies in the cyberspace, aiming to create a swarm–machine interaction technology that intervenes and navigates a swarm using an artificial system.

Specifically, (1) we will develop modeling techniques that obtain highly explainable and interpretable models in collaboration with the A02 Cyber Team. Here, we will apply knowledge and constraints on behavioral diagrams of various organisms to the models for verification in collaboration with the A01 Physical Team. (2) We will also develop a framework that continuously refines interaction models based on the generation of interventions and observation of swarm responses to the interventions. In particular, we will develop an environmental χlogbot that intervenes in fish schools using pseudo-individuals such as video presentations.

Researchers A02-5 川嶋班 研究者

  • Principal Investigator Hiroaki Kawashima Hiroaki Kawashima

    Graduate School of Information Science, University of Hyogo Professor

    Research field
    Intelligent informatics, perceptual information processing
    Research keywords
    pattern recognition, machine learning, computer vision, swarm-behavior analysis, multimodal interaction
  • Co-Investigator Hitoshi Habe Hitoshi Habe

    Faculty of Informatics, Kindai University Associate Professor

    Research field
    Computer Vision
    Research keywords
    Image Recognition, Object Detection, Object Tracking, Motion Analysis, Pattern Recognition
  • Co-Investigator Takayuki Niizato Takayuki Niizato

    Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems, Tsukuba University Assistant Professor

    Research field
    Soft computing
    Research keywords
    Complex Systems, Collective Behaviour, Emergence, Cognitive Science
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