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A02 Cyber TeamA02 Cyber Team

Bridging the real world and cyberspace.
We will develop the foundation that leads to analysis and advanced knowledge.

Based on collective data on the movement and behavior of living things, including humans and artificial objects, we will develop a wearable/environmental type χlogbot (chi logbot) that can automatically select measurement and intervention strategies, with the aim of developing a foundation for a distinctive seamless cyber-physical system (CPS) that smoothly connects two layers: the physical (real world) and cyber (data world). CPS is pioneering research that is almost unprecedented in the biological field. We will work on signal and image processing, and statistical analysis of the behavioral data provided by the physical team to spiral up the device performance through the repetition of prototyping and verification in a real environment. Our goal is to establish a method for hierarchical navigation data and develop an analysis infrastructure for software.

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