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A02 Cyber TeamA02-6 Publicly Offered Research

Theme- 6 公募  Publicly Offered Research

Publicly Offered Research
Fully-automated makerless motion capture for group 3d motion analysis (Shohei Nobuhara)
This research is aimed at developing a new algorithm for markerless motion capture with a fully-automatic multi-view camera calibration. This contributes capturing 3D trajectories of group behavior automatically in the wild.
Elucidation of Behavioral Mechanisms of Biological Swarms by Mathematical Groups and its Application to Engineering Design (Kazunori Sakurama)
This research aims to develop a technique for constructing mathematical models to understand the emergence mechanisms of sophisticated swarming behaviors comprehensively. By creating such models from behavioral data, we will elucidate the emergence mechanisms of various swarming behaviors , including hierarchical navigation and decision-making, and develop engineering technology that mimics the functions of organisms.
Flexibility and robustness in the honeybee path-integration (Midori Sakura)
A single honeybee memorizes multiple foraging sites. How do these multiple memories interact each other in the decision-making process during navigation? By combining a trajectory analysis using a VR flight simulator and interruption of their navigation behavior by inducing a recall of another memory, we try to elucidate the navigational decision-making process operated by multiple place memories.
Understanding animal group navigation via nonlinear hierarchical representation learning (Hiroshi Morioka)
This study aims to understand the mathematical mechanism of navigation behavior of animal groups by proposing a novel hierarchical representation learning framework based on machine learning, which estimates a stochastic model of nonlinear hierarchical dynamics hidden behind time-series data observed from them in a data-driven manner.
Guide robot for human group inspired from animal navigation (Satoru Satake)
The purpose of this research is to develop social robots that guide a human group to destination. We apply the idea of animal navigation to reveal the mechanism of human group navigation that make robot navigate as a member of human group, and control the group if necessary. To evaluate the effeteness, we use the actual robot in a shopping-mall.

Researchers A02-6 公募  研究者

  • Principal Investigator Shohei Nobuhara Shohei Nobuhara

    Faculty of Information and Human Science, Kyoto Institute of Technology Professor

    Research field
    Computer Vision
    Research keywords
    3D shape and motion estimation, multiple-view geometry, camera calibration, physics-based vision, computational photography
  • Principal Investigator Kazunori Sakurama Kazunori Sakurama

    Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University Associate Professor

    Research field
    Control Engineering
    Research keywords
    Distributed Control, Distributed Optimization, Swarm Robotics, Formation Control, Group Theory
  • Principal Investigator Midori Sakura Midori Sakura

    Graduate School of Science, Kobe University Associate Professor

    Research field
    Neuroethology, Neurobiology
    Research keywords
    Insects, Path-integration, Flight simulator, VR, celestial compass
  • Principal Investigator Hiroshi Morioka Hiroshi Morioka

    RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) Research Fellow

    Research field
    Machine learning, Computational neuroscience
    Research keywords
    Machine learning, Nonlinear independent component analysis, Unsupervised representation learning,Deep learning, Brain-imaging
  • Principal Investigator Satoru Satake Satoru Satake

    Deep Interaction Laboratory Group, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International Researcher

    Research field
    Human robot interaction, Social Robot
    Research keywords
    Human-robot interaction, Social robot, Social navigation, Group navigation, Sensor network
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